Marathon Meetings

In the spirit of unity we have invited various groups from around the world to chair each meeting.

Each Marathon meeting will be open speaker discussion. All marathon meetings will be held on the fourth floor in the Provincetown Room.


Time Group State / Area / Country
11:00PM – 11:50PM Cambridge Young People’s Massachusetts


Time Group State / Area / Country
12:00AM-12:50AM Brookline Young People’s Massachusetts
1:00AM-1:50AM FNYP Massachusetts
2:00AM-2:50AM ACYPAA California
3:00AM-3:50AM LAYPAA Louisiana
4:00AM-4:50AM Last Call Massachusetts
5:00AM-5:50AM PCYPAA Florida
6:00AM-6:50AM The Brookline Group Massachusetts
7:00AM-7:50AM TXSCYPAA Texas
8:00AM-8:50AM CCYPAA Colorado
9:00AM-9:50AM GCYPAA Georgia
10:00AM-10:50AM MNYPAA Minnesota
11:00AM-11:50AM Out of The Basement Massachusetts
12:00PM-12:50PM NorCal bid for ICYPAA California
1:00PM-1:50PM SCANCYPAA Scandinavia
2:00PM-2:50PM W. Bridgewater YP Massachusetts
3:00PM-3:50PM HUIYPAA Hawaii
4:00PM-4:50PM WACYPAA Western Area Conference
5:00PM -5:50PM Brigham Circle Massachusetts
6:00PM-6:50PM Gavin House Massachusetts
11:00PM-11:50PM Shreveport Bid Louisiana


Time Group State / Area / Country
12:00AM-12:50AM Phoenix Bid Arizona
1:00AM-1:50AM Twin Cities Bid Minnesota
2:00AM-2:50AM SCCYPAA California
3:00AM-3:50AM AZYPAA Southeast Asia
4:00AM-4:50AM Countdown County Bid for FCYPAA Florida
5:00AM-5:50AM Area 43 YP New Hampshire
6:00AM-6:50AM BUCKYPAA Pennsylvania
7:00AM-7:50AM Res Dogs Massachusetts
8:00AM-8:50AM LICYPAA Bid for EACYPAA New York
9:00AM-9:50AM Bellingham Clubhouse Massachusetts
10:00AM-10:50AM Do It Sobah Connecticut
11:00AM-11:50AM NHSCYPAA Host New Hampshire
12:00PM-12:50PM CSCYPAA Connecticut
1:00PM-1:50PM ORLYPAA Florida
2:00PM-2:50PM Worcester YP Massachusetts
3:00PM-3:50PM Beacon Group Massachusetts
4:00PM-4:50PM Wrentham YP Massachusetts
5:00PM -5:50PM NECYPAA Host Rhode Island
6:00PM-6:50PM CT Bid for NECYPAA Connecticut
11:00PM-11:50PM Tampa Bid for FCYPAA Florida


Time Group State / Area / Country
12:00AM-12:50AM Keystone Host – EACYPAA Pennsylvania
1:00AM-1:50AM BNO – Boys Night Out PDX Oregon
2:00AM-2:50AM ESCYPAA New York
3:00AM-3:50AM MECYPAA Maine
4:00AM-4:50AM Kings & Queens Massachusetts
5:00AM-5:50AM DAYPAA Bid for ICYPAA Michigan
6:00AM-6:50AM OCYPAA Bid for ICYPAA California
7:00AM-7:50AM Stoneham YP Massachusetts
8:00AM-8:50AM Mendin in Mendon Massachusetts